Antistress Memory Foam Mattress PHISIOTEC- 25 cm View larger
Antistress Memory Foam Mattress PHISIOTEC- 25 cm
Antistress Memory Foam Mattress PHISIOTEC- 25 cm Antistress Memory Foam Mattress PHISIOTEC- 25 cm Antistress Memory Foam Mattress PHISIOTEC- 25 cm Antistress Memory Foam Mattress PHISIOTEC- 25 cm

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PHISIOTEC Antistress memory foam mattress | Cosmos® Bedding | Thickness: 23 cm

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THE PHISIOTEC MATTRESS: discover the key to well-being. The Phisiotec mattress is your best anti-stress remedy.

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Firmness. FIRMNESS


Adaptability. ADAPTABILITY


The PHISIOTEC mattress will be your anti-stress remedy.

In fact, it integrates an innovative technology: the viscoelastic GRAPHITEX combined with the new Carbon Actif Latex technology. It effectively reduces micro-awakenings, giving you a longer sleep. Known for its high level of thermal conductivity, it helps fight insomnia and free you from stress to promote sleep and regenerate your body.

This mattress will provide you with perfect morphological support and a no motion transfer feature during night-time. Sleep as if you were on a cloud, with the feeling of floating in the air thanks to this mattress made of innovative materials.

It is the ideal choice to achieve a firm support thanks to the adoption of a new combination between a polyurethane core AeraPur HQ with a density between 20 and 38 kg/m³, and the juxtaposition of a last generation layer of a bi-alveolar latex of high resistance, high elasticity and high density (70 kg/m³) enriched with vegetable active carbons.
This technology cleans the environment by absorbing germs, odours and sweat, and guarantees a halo of well-being around the sleeper.

This allows the neutralization of odours and the absorption of pollutants: The carbon neutralizes bad odours, purifies and absorbs moisture. The material is composed of a multitude of micro-pores that regulate the level of humidity, providing an excellent absorption capacity and actively participates in the creation of a healthy atmosphere in the bedroom that promotes a restful sleep.

The active carbons purify, sterilize and deodorize, but also absorb electromagnetic waves promoting the cell activity of the sleeper and contributing to the recovery of energy consumed during the day.

Antibacterial properties: the proliferation of bacteria, which are themselves the cause of allergies, is significantly reduced thanks to the processes of odour absorption and humidity regulation. Naturally anti-mites, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and thermoregulatory, the Phisiotec mattress offers the most satisfactory sleep experience possible and a healthy lifestyle, keeping you in good health.

Visco V200: on the summer side, an enveloping and progressive welcome. It creates an amazing weightlessness effect by limiting movement during the night. Its open cell structure makes this material an athermal product that stabilizes temperature. This viscoelastic has the ability to remain flexible in summer and winter to provide both good support and the highest comfort.

TOTAL HEIGHT: 23 cm (+/- 2 cm)

WINTER SIDE: High quality "DELUXE" stretch fabrics for your comfort, a soft and silky fabric.

SUMMER SIDE: "3D AIRFRESH" fabric: A highly technical fabric, micro perforated to provide perfect ventilation of the mattress.

Mattress Composition

  1. Visco V200.
    Memory Foam Visco V200
  2. The latest generation material, VISCO V200 memory foam is denser than traditional viscoelastic foams. With a progressive and enveloping reception. Athermic, it stabilizes temperature. Density according to version, from 60 to 85 kg/m3

  1. Active Latex Active Latex HQ Foam
  2. Thanks to the combination of adaptative foams based on latex, BLUE LATEX and ACTIVE LATEX; this model is equipped with a perfectly balanced 14 cm heart. This combination helps to alleviate pressure points and numbness when waking up.

  1. FlexiMax HQ.
    FlexiMax HQ Polyurethane Foam
  2. The last innovation in the world of bedding, the superior quality FlexiMax polyurethane foam, it's offered for people that seek a firm and invigorating support when they sleep.

  1. Visco V90.
    Visco V90 Memory Foam.
  2. The Visco V90 is a new generation memory foam. It has the property to adapt to room temperature, even when it's lower. Also in different densities according to the selected firmness (40 to 90 kg/m3), this technology provides great comfort.

Why choose this model?

  1. 7 Zones
    7 Comfort Zones
  2. Thanks to its 7 zones structure, this mattress will give you a soft welcome, and firm support to all parts of your body.

  1. No Motion Transfer
    No Motion Transfer.
  2. Thanks to the no motion transfer feature, you and your partner won't bother each other if you move during the night.

  1. Reversible.
    Reversible Mattress
  2. The Phisiotec model is reversible at will, from head to toe, from the front and the back, to better benefit from its properties.

  1. Dual Season.
    Dual Season Winter/Summer
  2. This double-sided model has memory foam on each one, summer and winter. Its structure has been thoroughly studied to offer you stressless and perfect nights during any season.

Optimal Quality Certified.

  1. Oeko Tex©
    Oeko-Tex® Certificate.
  2. All the fabrics used in the manufacturing of Naturalex mattresses are certified free of toxic substances by OEKO-TEX®.

  1. Hypoallergenic
    Hypoallergenic Treatment.
  2. All the materials used in the manufacturing of Naturalex products have been subjected to hypoallergenic, anti-dust mites and antibacterial treatments.

  1. Air Fresh.
    Air Fresh System
  2. Equipped with the Air Fresh system: a contoured structure and a band of 3D breathable fabric for the most perfect and optimal circulation of air in the heart of the mattress.

*The characteristics of the mattress are only informative, they can vary according to the country of sale or the distributor. The company also reserves the right to modify them at a moment's notice, temporarily or permanently.

  1. 10 Years Warranty.
    10 Years Warranty.

    All mattresses sold by Outletsofadirect have 10 years of warranty.

  2. 100 nights trial
    100 nights trial.

    We give you 100 nights to trial our mattress. If you like it, you'll keep it.

  3. Free Shipping
    Free Shipping

    In Outletsofadirect, the delivery of your mattress is fast and free!

  4. Satisfaction or Refund
    Satisfaction or Refund

    If you don't like the product, you can send it back, and we'll give you a refund!


Thickness 24/25 cm
Blue Latex Technology No
Memory Foam Yes
HQ Foam (High Quality) Yes
Spring Mattress No
Foam with antistress properties Yes
Air Fresh Technology Yes
Mattress for adults Yes
Mattress for kids No
Ergonomic Mattress Yes
Matress for Sportspeople No
Mattress for Back Pain Yes
Adaptable to Electric/Articulated Beds No

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Par (GRISOLLES, France) le  15 May 2021 (PHISIOTEC Antistress memory foam mattress | Cosmos® Bedding | Thickness: 23 cm) :
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Par (Huizen, Netherlands) le  05 May 2021 (PHISIOTEC Antistress memory foam mattress | Cosmos® Bedding | Thickness: 23 cm) :
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Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas rédigé d'avis, ou l'avis est en attente de modération.
Par (Laragne monteglin, France) le  12 Feb. 2021 (PHISIOTEC Antistress memory foam mattress | Cosmos® Bedding | Thickness: 23 cm) :
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Le 1er qui m'a été livré avait un problème de conception
ils m en ont livré un autre je l ai reçu la semaine d après
Il est top j ai très bien dormi

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Réponse du responsable de la boutique le 15 Feb. 2021
Par (Dunstable , United Kingdom) le  13 Oct. 2020 (PHISIOTEC Antistress memory foam mattress | Cosmos® Bedding | Thickness: 23 cm) :
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High quality mattresse, very comfortable and great if you have back pain.
I have allergy so for me is perfect for low price.
Customer service is very good and fast with responding.

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Dear customer,
We thank you for taking the time to leave your opinion and are happy to read that it is positive.
We wish you complete satisfaction with your order and remain at your disposal for future orders.

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Par (Fuengirola, Spain) le  08 Aug. 2020 (PHISIOTEC Antistress memory foam mattress | Cosmos® Bedding | Thickness: 23 cm) :
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Confort a precio de escándalo

Llegó en fecha ,bien ambalado ,a pocas horas recupero su forma .
Llevo dos noches durmiendo y es súper cómodo ,es como dormir en una nube .
Estoy muy contenta con la compra ????es tal cual lo descubrió el vendedor y espero tener muchas noches de buen descanso .
No es un colchón pesado ,no se notan los movimientos del acompañante , contentísima !

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Gracias Mihaela por compartir su opinión. Estamos encantados de saber que está totalmente satisfecha con el modelo elegido y le deseamos felices noches de descanso!

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