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Privilege High-End Memory foam mattress - 30 cm | Naturalex®

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MODEL: 30 cm Thickness

Who says you can't enjoy the comfort of a luxury mattress like in a hotel right in your own home?

It's quite possible and that's why today, the Naturalex® technical team offers you one of the best 5-star hotel quality mattresses.

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Delivery Time: 10 - 15 days.

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fermeté FIRMNESS

respirabilité BREATHABILITY

adaptabilité ADAPTABILITY

30 cm - Available in 25 cm

With the Naturalex® Privilege mattress, you'll experience the perfect blend of firm support and soft comfort for a peaceful night's sleep.

It offers you anatomical support: the new multi-layer technology reacts gradually and proportionally to your body weight. Breathable: fillings that provide perfect mattress ventilation and excellent thermoregulation. Design: a tray and a band worthy of a big hotel.

Winter side:

  • Extra soft SoftSensation double stretch Deluxe thick fabric. High quality finish and superior resistance.

  • Fibre Fibrafeel V300 allows the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to its fresh feeling and high moisture absorption. Thanks to its thermoregulating properties, you will no longer be bothered by micro-sleep interruptions due to shivering or excessive perspiration thanks to a system of very open cells for better breathing.

  • New very high density Viscotex memory foam ensures better firmness and gives you a perfect support. Designed to guarantee spine alignment for a deep and restful sleep. Combined with the 7 comfort zones, it provides this top-of-the-range mattress with enveloping comfort, relieving your pressure points effectively, for harmonious and personalized support and excellent sleeping independence.

  • The latest generation layer of high-strength bi-alveolar latex with high elasticity and high density of 70 kg/m3 in a multi-zone structure: allows an even distribution of weight over 7 zones. Placed in the ticking of this mattress, this very resistant natural material increases the life of your mattress and reinforces the action of the memory foam.


  • Excellent HQ polyurethane foam with adaptive firmness, AeraPur is the latest generation polyurethane foam of superior quality that allows an even distribution of weight. Avoid pain and enjoy a better sleeping comfort with the 7-zone support optimized and differentiated according to body zones.

Summer side:

  • Fibre Fibrafeel V300 for optimum regulation of perspiration in summer thanks to the feeling of freshness and its high moisture absorption.

  • The Thermosoft memory foam with new active freshness technology, for the best support, an excellent lying comfort, a feeling of well-being, and your muscles will be more relaxed, allowing an excellent distribution of pressure points and a unique sensation of lying on a cloud.

  • Memofeel v30 developed by Naturalex® is made up of very open alveolar pores. This foam also has the property of remaining flexible in winter and in rooms where the temperature is lower. Its structure guarantees perfect air circulation, which prevents the concentration of humidity in your mattress.

  • Reversible, depending on the season, opt for the cool and refreshing summer side thanks to the Air Fresh technology and the cool breathing 3D fabric in summer for perfect ventilation of your bedding.

Blue Latex® system. Available in four comforts levels, from balanced to very firm, and in two versions 25 cm or 30 cm thick.

Mattress Composition

  1. SoftSensation.
    SoftSensation Fabric
  2. The winter side is composed of a SoftSensation fabric, hypoallergenic, thick and cold insulating, to offer you the most comfortable nights.

  3. Blue Latex
    Blue Latex® Technology
  4. Juxtaposition of an AeraPur HQ polyurethane core (30 to 38 kg/m3) and the latest generation of high resilience, elasticity and density bi-alveolar latex (70 kg/m3) which is placed on the cover of the mattress to provide a perfectly balanced support and a "tailor-made" solution for your back avoiding compression points.

  5. MemoFeel.
  6. Polyurethane foam (20 a 30 kg/m3) comprised of very open alveolar pores that allow perfect air circulation and the evacuation of humidity in the bedding. This support foam adapts to all kinds of body shapes.

  7. Thermosoft
  8. A new generation of high-density memory foam, its main characteristic is its sensitivity to temperature changes.

  9. Viscotex
  10. A high-density memory foam capable of offering great firmness to the mattress.

  11. FibraFeel V300
    Fibrafeel V300
  12. FibraFeel V300 technology is a fibre respectful to the environment, much more than cotton production. And is also biodegradable. Using it enables the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to the fresh sensation it provides and its strong moisture absorption.

Why choose this model?

  1. 7 Zones
    7 Comfort Zones
  2. Thanks to its 7 zones structure, this mattress will give you a soft welcome, and firm support to all parts of your body. It will release all the muscular and nervous tensions accumulated during the day, for a totally rejuvenating sleep.

  1. No Motion Transfer
    No Motion Transfer.
  2. Thanks to the no motion transfer feature, you and your partner will not bother each other if you move during the night.

  1. Reversible.
    Reversible Mattress
  2. The Privilege model can be reversed from head to toe, and in front and in the back to better benefit from its properties.

  1. Dual Season.
    Dual Season Winter/Summer
  2. This mattress has two different surfaces to lie down, each adapted to each season. Its winter side is covered by a thick fabric and the summer side covered by a 3D ventilated fabric, so you will suffer neither heat nor cold.

Optimal Quality Certified.

  1. Oeko Tex©
    Oeko-Tex® Certificate.
  2. All the fabrics used in the manufacturing of Naturalex mattresses are certified free of toxic substances by OEKO-TEX®.

  1. Hypoallergenic
    Hypoallergenic Treatment.
  2. All the materials used in the manufacturing of Naturalex products have been subjected to hypoallergenic, anti-dust mites and antibacterial treatments.

  1. Air Fresh.
    Air Fresh System
  2. Equipped with the Air Fresh system, which allows a perfect air circulation among all the fabrics and materials and prevents the concentration of humidity in the mattress.

*The characteristics of the mattress are only informative, they can vary according to the country of sale or the distributor. The company also reserves the right to modify them at a moment's notice, temporarily or permanently.

  1. 10 Years Warranty.
    10 Years Warranty.

    All mattresses sold by Outletsofadirect have 10 years of warranty.

  2. 100 nights trial
    100 nights trial

    We give you 100 nights to trial our mattress. If you like it, you'll keep it.

  3. Free Shipping
    Free Shipping

    In Outletsofadirect, the delivery of your mattress is fast and free!

  4. Satisfaction or Refund
    Satisfaction or Refund

    If you don't like the product, you can send it back, and we'll give you a refund!


Thickness 29/30 cm
Blue Latex Technology Yes
Memory Foam Yes
HQ Foam (High Quality) Yes
Spring Mattress No
Foam with antistress properties No
Air Fresh Technology Yes
Mattress for adults Yes
Mattress for kids No
Ergonomic Mattress Yes
Matress for Sportspeople No
Mattress for Back Pain Yes

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Par (Beauvais, France) le  09 June 2021 (Privilege High-End Memory foam mattress - 30 cm | Naturalex®) :
Achat vérifié

matelas privilége 30 cm

trés bon matelas trés ferme par contre je me suis trompée dans les dimensions j aurais du prendre un 140 cm sur 190 cm et j ai pris un 140 cm sur 200 cm je m en suis aperçue 2 jours avant la livraison mon mari m a démonté le montant des pieds heureusement que mon mari est bricoleur mdr surtout bien prendre les mesures

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Nous vous remercions pour votre avis et espérons sincèrement que le matelas choisi saura répondre à vos attentes.
Encore merci de la part de toute l'équipe OUTLETSOFADIRECT

Réponse du responsable de la boutique le 09 June 2021
Par (Gujan Mestras , France) le  15 May 2021 (Privilege High-End Memory foam mattress - 30 cm | Naturalex®) :
Achat vérifié
Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas rédigé d'avis, ou l'avis est en attente de modération.
Par (Combs la Ville, France) le  11 March 2021 (Privilege High-End Memory foam mattress - 30 cm | Naturalex®) :
Achat vérifié

Super matelas

Je suis très contente de ma commande : matelas ferme et confortable, très bonne qualité. Ma fille l’adore.
Livraison rapide : moins de 10 jours.
C’était ma première commande sur ce site, tout s’est bien passé - je recommande.

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Bonjour, merci de recommander notre boutique ! Nous sommes par ailleurs, heureux de lire que vous êtes satisfaite de notre prestation et espérons vivement que le matelas choisi correspondra à vos attentes !

Réponse du responsable de la boutique le 12 March 2021
Par (Aucamville , France) le  18 Feb. 2021 (Privilege High-End Memory foam mattress - 30 cm | Naturalex®) :
Achat vérifié
Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas rédigé d'avis, ou l'avis est en attente de modération.
Par (Capellen, Luxembourg) le  21 Jan. 2021 (Privilege High-End Memory foam mattress - 30 cm | Naturalex®) :
Achat vérifié

Extrêmement confortable

Commande facile, livraison rapide (et gratuite même au Luxembourg !). Matelas super comfortable ! Effectivement, l'emballage est surprenant et peut laisser croire que l'expéditeur s'est trompé de dimensions, mais une fois déballé et décompressé (5 minutes) le matelas change la vie la nuit !
Je recommande

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Nous sommes heureux de savoir que nous avons atteint notre objectif et que votre commande vous satisfait pleinement.
Bien à vous,

Réponse du responsable de la boutique le 21 Jan. 2021