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Titanium high-end memory foam mattress
Titanium high-end memory foam mattress Titanium high-end memory foam mattress Titanium high-end memory foam mattress Titanium high-end memory foam mattress Titanium high-end memory foam mattress Titanium high-end memory foam mattress Titanium high-end memory foam mattress

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Titanium High-End Memory Foam Mattress | Natural Latex | Naturalex | Thickness: 24 cm / 9.45"

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The top-of-the-range, very thick mattress that adapts to your body and supports you all night long.

Available in all sizes: Single/Queen/Double/King/Superking and EU Standards.

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Firmness. FIRMNESS


Adaptability. ADAPTABILITY

THICKNESS 24/25 CM - Available in 29/30 CM

With a thickness of 24 or 30cm and the latest Naturalex technologies, the Titanium mattress is the ideal mattress for the people that seek an affordable premium mattress. The ideal combination of latex and viscoelastic will offer you the perfect rest for the whole family. Softness and adaptability, for maximum comfort.

Winter Side :

• Thick SoftSensation fabric double stretch Deluxe extra soft, with athermal properties that allow it to keep a stable temperature and prevent cold during the winter nights.

• FibraFeel V300 fibers that allow the mattress to regulate temperature. Athermic: transmits neither heat nor cold, thanks to an open-cells system that allow better ventilation.

• Bi-alveolar high resilience, elasticity and de latex (70kg/m3): it adapts perfectly to all the areas of your body, you can sleep however you like. 

• Viscoelastic pressure regulator foam, ThermoSoft: it adapts immediately to any new position. The open cells of the foam absorb muscular tension and adapt faster to the shape of the body than other traditional foams.

• An optimal balance between flexibility and total support : the juxtaposition of a layer of the latest generation of bi-alveolar latex with high resilience, elasticity and density (70kg/m3) in a multizone structure for an optimal distribution of the pressure points of your body, no motion transfer feature for better comfort during the night and a soft welcome similar to natural latex.

• 7 different comfort zones, it frees your body from all the strain accumulated during the day, hence favors a good sleep.

Core :

• An excellent AeraPur polyurethane foam with adaptative firmness and a «well-being effect», this polyurethane high performance and highly comfortable material guarantees that your spinal cord keeps a perfect position by offering superior elastic performance for the perfect ergonomy.

Summer Side :

•FibraFeel V300 fibers for a fresh sensation and strong moisture absorption.

• The MemoFeel V30 foam developed by Naturalex is composed of very open cells that allow it to be up to 100 times more breathable than any other viscoelastic memory foam.

• Reversible, choose according to the season, the cool and refreshing welcome of the summer side, thanks to its Air Fresh technology and its 3D ventilated fabric, it remains fresh during summer and ventilates the bedding perfectly.

• The Air Fresh technology in the summer side allows a perfect air circulation and prevents the accumulation of any kind of humidity in the bedding.


Mattress Composition

  1. SoftSensation.
    SoftSensation Fabric
  2. The winter side is comprised of a SoftSensation fabric, hypoallergenic, thick and cold insulating, to offer you the most comfortable nights.

  1. MemoFeel.
    MemoFeel HQ Foam.
  2. Polyurethane foam (20 a 30 kg/m3) comprised of very open alveolar pores that allow perfect air circulation and the evacuation of humidity in the bedding. This support foam adapts to all kinds of body shapes.

  1. Blue Latex.
    Blue Latex Technology®
  2. Juxtaposition of an HQ AeraPur polyurethane foam (30 to 38kg/m3) and the latest generation of bi-alveolar latex of high resilience, elasticity and density (70kg/m3) that provides a perfectly balanced support and contributes to a «tailor-made» solution for your back, preventing any compression points.

  1. Airtex3D.
  2. Newest generation of high-density viscoelastic foam, less sensitive to changes in temperature.

  1. FibraFeel.
  2. FibraFeel V300 technology is a fibre respectful to the environment, much more than cotton production. And is also biodegradable. Using the new FibraFeel V300 fibre enables the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to the fresh sensation it provides and it's strong moisture absorption.

Why choose this model?

  1. 7 Zones
    7 Comfort Zones
  2. Thanks to its 7 zones structure, this mattress will give you a soft welcome, and firm support to all parts of your body. It will release all the muscular and nervous tensions accumulated during the day, for a totally rejuvenating sleep.

  1. No Motion Transfer
    No Motion Transfer.
  2. Thanks to the no motion transfer feature, you and your partner will not bother each other if you move during the night.

  1. Reversible.
    Reversible Mattress
  2. The Memory S model can be reversed at will, from head to toe, and in front and in the back to better benefit from its properties.

  1. Dual Season.
    Dual Season Winter/Summer
  2. This mattress has two different surfaces to lie down, each adapted to each season. Its winter side is covered by a thick fabric and the summer side covered by a 3D ventilated fabric, so you will suffer neither heat nor cold.

Optimal Quality Certified..

  1. Oeko Tex©
    Oeko-Tex Certificate.
  2. All the fabrics used in the manufacturing of Naturalex mattresses are certified free of toxic substances by OEKO-TEX®.

  1. Hypoallergenic
    Hypoallergenic Treatment.
  2. All the materials used in the manufacturing of Naturalex products have been subjected to hypoallergenic, anti-dust mites and antibacterial treatments.

  1. Air Fresh.
    Air Fresh System
  2. Equipped with the Air Fresh system, which allows a perfect air circulation among all the fabrics and materials and prevents the concentration of humidity in the mattress.

*The characteristics of the mattress are only informative, they can vary according to the country of sale or the distributor. The company also reserves the right to modify them at a moment's notice, temporarily or permanently.

  1. 10 Years Warranty.
    10 Years Warranty.

    All mattresses sold by Outletsofadirect have 10 years of warranty.

  2. 100 nights trial
    100 nights trial

    We give you 100 nights to trial our mattress. If you like it, you'll keep it.

  3. Free Shipping
    Free Shipping

    In Outletsofadirect, the delivery of your mattress is fast and free!

  4. Satisfaction or Refund
    Satisfaction or Refund

    If you don't like the product, you can send it back and we'll give you a refund!


Thickness 24/25 cm
Blue Latex Technology Yes
Memory Foam Yes
HQ Foam (High Quality) Yes
Spring Mattress No
Foam with antistress properties Yes
Air Fresh Technology Yes
Mattress for adults Yes
Mattress for kids No
Ergonomic Mattress Yes
Matress for Sportspeople No
Mattress for Back Pain No
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    Par (FONTAINE NOTRE DAME, France) le  13 Feb. 2020 (Titanium High-End Memory Foam Mattress | Natural Latex | Naturalex | Thickness: 24 cm / 9.45" ) :
    Achat vérifié

    GENIAL !!!!

    Matelas acheté avec des craintes au départ qui se sont vite échappées à la livraison.
    Génial commandé le 04.02.2020 reçu le 13.02.2020,envoi rapide bien suivi, habitant dans le nord de la france je pensais l'avoir beaucoup plus tard.
    Article tout à fait conforme à la description. Prix très avantageux pour ce matelas qui va enfin me changer mes nuits , un bon sommeil réparateur. Je recommande OUTLETSOFADIRECT et ferai de la pub autour de moi.
    N'ayez pas peur, foncez, achetez chez OUTLETSOFADIRECT vous ne serez pas déçu.

     Signaler un abus
    Par (Laigneviile, France) le  02 Feb. 2020 (Titanium High-End Memory Foam Mattress | Natural Latex | Naturalex | Thickness: 24 cm / 9.45" ) :
    Achat vérifié
    Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas rédigé d'avis, ou l'avis est en attente de modération.
    Par (Toulon, France) le  20 Jan. 2020 (Titanium High-End Memory Foam Mattress | Natural Latex | Naturalex | Thickness: 24 cm / 9.45" ) :
    Achat vérifié

    Matelas au top

    Commandé le 2 janvier 2020, j'ai reçu le matelas 10 jours après. Rien à dire sur la livraison.
    J'ai ouvert l'emballage sans couteau. Uniquement à la main. Dès que le plastique qui compresse le matelas à été retiré, il s'est gonflé et à pris sa forme. Au bout de 5h, je l'ai mis en place. Le soir même je dormais dedans !. Ma 1ere nuit à été top. Et les suivantes aussi!. Le matelas fait bien ses 24cm d'épaisseur. Je l'ai pris "très ferme", perso je le trouve ferme. Mon compagnon, le trouve extrêmement ferme. Il correspond à nos attentes. J'ai tout de même posé dessus mon surmatelas. Maintenant, à voir dans le temps, mais pour 168€, je suis prête à en changer tous les 4 /5 ans !!
    Je recommande.

     Signaler un abus
    Par (Gaillan en médoc, France) le  11 Dec. 2019 (Titanium High-End Memory Foam Mattress | Natural Latex | Naturalex | Thickness: 24 cm / 9.45" ) :
    Achat vérifié

    bon produit

    Excellente qualité , conforme au descriptif . Grand confort de sommeil. Délais de livraison un peu long .

     Signaler un abus
    Par (SAN SEBASTIAN DE LOS REYES, Spain) le  03 Dec. 2019 (Titanium High-End Memory Foam Mattress | Natural Latex | Naturalex | Thickness: 24 cm / 9.45" ) :
    Achat vérifié

    Buena relación calidad precio

    El colchón es muy cómodo y se adapta muy bien al cuerpo. La entrega fue más rápida de lo previsto. Todo muy bien

     Signaler un abus