1- How to choose my mattress?

Before choosing your mattress, it is important to think about the different factors to take into account in order to constitute your search criteria:

  • Whether you sleep alone or not
  • Your weight and that of your partner
  • The firmness you want
  • Your sleeping posture
  • How often the mattress is used
  • The material that makes up the mattress you currently sleep on
  • If you suffer from pain, if you are athletic, etc….

Here are some typical customer profiles, in which you might find similarities to yours and would therefore help you to facilitate your search:

The technology shape memory foam offer more relief at the body pressure. To determine the quality, look at the density and thickness of the foam, which will determine how deep you sink. Our mattresses are typically made up of several layers of foam, with the denser ones placed at the bottom for support and the lighter and cooler at the top for comfort.

You will want a surface that will support your weight and conform to your shape. Springs may have better resistance to pressure than some foam or latex mattresses, but a soft foam mattress may also be suitable for people sleeping on their side.

The last thing a stomach sleeper would want is soft memory foam- it feels like it's suffocating! On the contrary, a firmer support will give it better comfort. Think of a firm foam.

You'll need balanced support- a surface that supports well but has a bit of flexibility to keep your spine in natural alignment. You will find what you are looking for with any mattress technology as long as the support is balanced.

Moss memory foam and/ or latex are the most suitable for people with back pain because they adapt to the morphology of your body to better support you.

Find here our selection of models designed to relieve back pain:

In the event of low back pain, the mattresses should be firm. We recommend a firm mattress, which guarantees a correct posture for the back and which does not put pressure on the lumbar area. The recommended thickness of the mattress is greater than 20 cm . Our mattress recommendation for lower back pain includes innerspring mattresses and HQ foam.

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It would be interesting to consider a mattress with pocket springs, memory foam or latex.

The spring mattress will ensure a very low transfer of movement and therefore a very good sleeping independence .

Foam or latex can retain body heat, especially if they are very flexible. New technologies are helping to alleviate this problem, and you can still accessorize your bed with toppers and linens that provide cooling benefits.

Sleeping feeling cold is very unpleasant, it prevents us from getting good rest, and we have difficulty finding restful sleep. People who are cold need a mattress that gives them warmth and well-being while they sleep.

The best mattresses for people with chills are those that offer a balanced welcome, give a feeling of embrace but without causing sagging. This type of sensation is offered by the vast majority of HQ foam mattresses, as they retain more heat than spring mattresses.

Children have very specific conditions of rest. Their bodies are constantly growing, so they need mattresses that allow them to maintain a healthy posture. Their backs must remain straight, the most suitable option for them is that of mattresses which provide them with semi-firm support.

In addition to the need for firmness conditioned by their growth, children 2 to 10 years old generally have a higher body temperature and body releases a lot of heat when they sleep, so they need a very breathable mattress. This feature is also present in spring mattresses, as its core allows air to circulate inside the mattress and prevents the concentration of moisture, which promotes more hygienic rest over time. If the mattress is properly ventilated, it prevents the appearance of dust mites, moulds and bacteria which are harmful to the health of the youngest.

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman's life. The best tips for an optimal lifestyle for a pregnant woman are good nutrition, gentle daily exercise and good rest. Regarding this last point, the best is that the concerned sleep on a mattress in which she does not sink, that is to say a firm mattress, which keeps her spine aligned, but at the same time with good padding., avoiding areas of high-pressure support that could hinder its circulation: firm mattress and a thickness greater than 30 cm.

In some cases, for various reasons, our pregnant clients do not wish to purchase a mattress for the occasion. In these cases, they may prefer to sleep a little more comfortably only in the final stages of pregnancy. A very good solution is to buy a mattress topper or small mattress, in viscoelastic foam or high resistance foam, in double or single format (to place it only on your side of the mattress). An affordable investment that will bring you additional comfort.

If you are looking for a mattress for a heavyweight person, over 100 kilograms.

It is very important that the mattresses of people with a heavy weight are very firm or firm support mattresses, the heavier the sleeper weight the more firm the mattress should be.

Overweight people are usually very hot, so it's best to opt for mattresses that don't feel sunk or "trapped" in.

The choice of a mattress is very important. If you are an athlete, you will need a semi-firm mattress that keeps your spine aligned, but at the same time is thick enough to allow your joints and muscles to rest properly.

The best mattress for an athlete is the one that best adapts to the person's body, allowing the whole body to rest on a surface that does not cause pressure points.

Pocket sprung mattresses are a good option. The springs also allow you to move with ease at bedtime and prevent sinking.

Mattresses with viscoelastic technology are also very comfortable for athletes because they offer both firmness and adaptability with freedom of movement.

Over the years, you continuously sleep less, but during the day, short periods of sleep are more common. It's those little naps that make up for the reduced sleep hours at night. It can therefore be said that the total duration of sleep is similar to that of any adult person, although with a different organization.

The most recommendable mattresses for the elderly are those which do not exert any pressure point on the body and which facilitate movement so that they can turn over without any problem. Above all, an older person should be comfortable, the most comfortable mattresses are firm mattresses, unless the person is used to sleeping on a softer mattress and, in this case, what to do, it is to choose a mattress approaching the same comfort.

Latex or the viscoelasticity of mattresses are beneficial at this stage of life because they are adaptable materials and avoid pressure points that would hinder blood circulation. In addition, latex is elastic and is the foam that gives off the least heat, which prevents the feeling of suffocation and having difficulty moving at night or getting up in the morning.

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2- How to differentiate the support and the reception of a mattress?

Two essential concepts when choosing a mattress: support and welcome.


Welcoming is the first sensation you feel when you lie down, it depends on both the core of your mattress and its “ welcome layers ”.

The support

The support depends on the soul and the build of the sleeper (s). Classically, support is qualified as :

For people between 70 Kg and 85 Kg.

See our selection of the best firm mattresses

For people between -40 K g and 55 Kg.

See our selection of the best dynamic mattresses

This classification is made based on a sleeper of average build (1.65 to 1.75 m/ 60 to 80 Kg), therefore for a much larger than average sleeper a mattress with extra firm support will be recommended, and conversely, for a sleeper who is much thinner than the average, balanced support will no longer be suitable. Balanced support is suitable primarily for lightweight people who have back problems with a firm mattress. In the top of the range, balanced mattresses are also suitable for corpulent sleepers who want a particularly soft bed because they compensate for their lower firmness by a greater thickness.

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3- How often should I change my mattress?

It is strongly recommended replacing your mattress every 10 to 15 years.

The lifespan of your mattress may depend on the use you make of it, your morphology, the humidity of the room and the quality of your box spring. However, the longer you wait to change it, the more the quality of support and hygiene of your mattress will be degraded.

Here are some signs that may tell you it's time to change your mattress:

  • Regular awakenings accompanied by back pain.
  • The shape of your body marked on the mattress when you wake up.
  • A significant sag is digging into your mattress.

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4- How do I choose the technology for my mattress?

The technology of your mattress is based on its composition and provides you with the support and comfort you are looking for.

Here are the different materials associated with these different technologies:

This mattress technology adapts perfectly to different body types. The material conforms to the shape of the body and is perfect for lovers of firm bedding or for children's or baby beds.

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This technology, used as an antimicrobial substance, promotes hygiene thanks to its millions of micro-alveoli allowing quality ventilation. Guaranteeing firm support, the spine is perfectly supported by the mattress, which conforms to its shape.

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Pocket springs provide unparalleled stability with its firm comfort. The joints can therefore rest fully and benefit from maximum ventilation. In addition to providing you with a restful night's sleep, this ventilation also allows the mattress to last longer. Excellent sleeping independence is offered thanks to the springs, which are individually pocketed and therefore limit the transfer of movement to the maximum. You will therefore be supported from all angles and less likely to disturb your partner.

Also called memory foam, shape memory foam offers the best support as it adapts to the shape of your body and gives you the support he requires. This technology is thermo-sensitive, that is to say that the foam reacts according to body heat.

However, it is not possible to find a memory foam mattress made from 100% memory foam, as this technology must be combined with conventional foam, springs or latex.

Memory foam mattresses are often recommended by physiotherapists for sleepers with back pain. In addition, this technology improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation, which allows reduced tension in the most sensitive parts of the body: shoulders, hips, tail bone, knees and heels.

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This memory foam is made up of particles of Graphene or carbon, which helps in muscle relaxation thanks to its antistatic properties. Mattresses can also be covered with a Carbotex ticking, which acts as a filter against the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us and allows the body to relax more easily.

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5- What size of mattress to choose?

It is advisable to buy a mattress that is 10 or 15 centimetres longer than the tallest person who will sleep on the mattress. So you can move comfortably and stretch without your feet sticking out of the bed or hitting the lined sheets.

Regarding the width to buy, we recommend a minimum of 65 centimetres per person (two people total 1.30 meters ). It will also depend on the preferences and anatomy of the sleepers.

Standard measurements are defined as follows:

Single Standard

From 70 cm wide, 90 cm is the most common and 105 cm is the next. In terms of length, 190 cm is the most common, followed by measurements of 200 cm and 180 cm. If you are looking for a mattress for children or teenagers, these sizes are suitable.
Do you sleep alone? Are you looking for a mattress for your child?
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Double Standard

From 135 cm in width, being 150 cm the most common and up to 200 cm. The length is the same as for single mattresses. Do you sleep two or just want to enjoy the comfort of a large bed? Discover our selection of two-seater mattresses

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6- What thickness of mattress to choose?

The thickness, also called "height", as well as the density of the mattress depend on the type of technology which constitutes it: latex, foam or springs, of its filling, but  also of the use for which it is intended, if it is a daily use or extra.  

If it is an adult daily use mattress is usually between 18 and 30 cm.

For mattresses for extra use or intended for children, a thickness between 15 and 18 cm is more suitable.

In the case of spring mattresses, the thickness of a mattress (or its height) is usually related to the number of layers placed in the construction, between the shell of the spring and the surface fabric which is in direct contact with the sleeper. In general, the more layers, the higher the quality and comfort. 

Regarding mattresses whose core is foam, latex or viscoelastic, it is also the height of the mattress core which determines the thickness or the total height of the mattress. These mattresses do not require as many layers between the core and the surface to provide comfort because their technology is already very comfortable.

The filling of the mattress, which can be in natural or synthetic materials, will condition the reception of this one and your comfort during the night. In fact, depending on whether you are hot at night, whether you sweat a lot, or whether your bedroom is humid ; if you live in a temperate or cold region, you will not have the same filling needs.

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7- Why buy a Mattress Topper?

Adding a mattress topper can be the perfect combination with your mattress when you find it too firm and want to compensate for this failure. It allows you to enjoy better comfort while you sleep. On the contrary, if your mattress does not show any failure, the mattress topper is the ideal complement to maintain impeccable bedding hygienically and for a long time.

From 3 to 8 cm, in wool, foam, latex or viscoelastic memory foam, you will inevitably find what you are looking for in your bedding!

Add a touch of comfort to your nights with one of our mattress toppers:

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8- Which box spring to choose for our Mattresses?

First, we inform you that it is strongly recommended not to put a mattress directly on the floor. For all our ranges of mattresses, we advise you to choose a quality slatted base that will allow the mattress good air circulation and therefore good hygiene.

Regarding the height, some customers do not like low box springs because it requires effort to get up, others do not like high box springs because they have the impression of "climbing" on the bed. This will therefore depend on your preferences, the height of your mattress and your body type.

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9- Does the mattress orient itself according to the 7 comfort zones?

10- How to recognize mattresses suitable for electric/ articulated beds/ box springs?

You will be able to recognize these mattresses thanks to this icon

If you have an electric or articulated bed base, we can meet your request because some of our items are suitable for these bed bases. When you browse our product pages.

11- What is sleeping independence?

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Sleeping independence is a feature of the mattress that allows you to prevent the transfer of movements from one part of the bed to another. We roll over in our bed an average of 40 times a night, so it is true that all of these movements can be detrimental to a peaceful sleep when two people sleep. The goal is that everyone can benefit from their own comfort zone, regardless of the nature of their sleep, whether it is restless or not.

12- How to recognize the summer side and the winter side?

You will be able to recognize these mattresses thanks to this icon

So that you do not suffer from the cold or the heat, our mattresses have two different sleeping faces to adapt to each season. These layers are made up of distinct technologies that keep your body always at the perfect temperature.

The winter side is covered with a thick fabric with different patterns depending on the model The summer side is lined with 3D micro-perforated fabric with parallel stripes transverse to the mattress

13- How long does it take to get used to the firmness of your new mattress?

New mattresses often take time to adapt to the body so that the foams soften. This can sometimes cause a feeling of excessive firmness the first few days, especially compared to an older or worn mattress.

If you still have doubts, we invite you to consult the section dedicated to "How to differentiate the support and the reception of a mattress"

14- Is it normal for my mattress to have an odor?

Since mattresses are hot-packaged out of production at the factory, viscoelastic foams can produce a plastic odour that may persist for some time, but usually disappears after the mattress is unpacked and aired. Don't worry, this case is very rare and if you do find it, the smell should dissipate within a few days, ventilating the room well. You can then wash the sheets to remove any residual odour.

15- How do I clean my mattress?

It is recommended to cover your mattress with a protective cover to avoid soiling and prolong its life.

For mattresses with antifouling treatment, in the event of an accidental stain:

1. Act quickly and remove the excess. We advise you to absorb liquid stains with a sponge very little dampened, without using soap, and to always operate from the outside of the stain inwards.

2. Any other cleaning method (steam, etc.) is prohibited and will void your mattress warranty. It is also advisable to regularly clean blankets, bedspreads and mattress protectors.

16- How to unpack my mattress

To unpack your mattress properly, follow the next steps:

Bring the box to the room in which it will be used

Take the mattress out of the box and leave it in a clean and ventilated place

Unroll the mattress and remove the plastic without using sharp objects

Wait between 24 hours and 48 hours for the mattress to recover its shape.