For the consumer, the world of bedding can be particularly complex, especially in regard to mattresses.

Choosing a mattress from all the references on the market is like solving a puzzle. Moreover, it can represent a significant expense when you don't know anything about it. This is why we present you with the procedure to follow to help you select the mattress that best suits your profile and morphology.

To choose the right mattress you have to take into account:

  1. The filling of the mattress
  2. The mattress technology
  3. The support of the mattress
  4. The size of the mattress
  5. The quality of the mattress

  • The filling of the mattress

A mattress is chosen according to your morphology, especially according to your weight and height.

The materials that comprise it are the main difference between mattresses. The choice between the different materials that make up the mattress must be made according to the affinities of each person. There is no better material than any other. However, some materials have specific properties and are adapted to particular morphologies.

  • The mattress technology

It is important to distinguish three types of mattresses. A tip for buying your mattress: check the type of suspension. At Outletsofadirect, we offer you three types: high resilience technology Blue Latex®, memory foam, and pocket springs.

  • Blue Latex® technology mattresses: Blue Latex® technology is a mixture of high resilience foam and 10% latex. This technology offers a very resistant support adapted to the whole body. Blue Latex® is composed of open pores that allow air to circulate to the core of the mattress, thus avoiding the accumulation of heat and humidity.
    Our opinion: this type of mattress is sufficient for your daily bed.
  • Full memory foam mattress: Created by NASA in the 1970s, this foam is the latest foam innovation. It offers excellent support for people with back problems by adapting in the blink of an eye under the weight of the body. It has the ability to regain its original shape in an instant, ensuring an ergonomic fit.
  • Pocket spring mattresses: One of the best latest-generation technologies. Each spring is individually wrapped in a bag so that the no motion transfer feature is preserved. The space between each spring allows air to circulate freely and ensures perfect ventilation of the mattress.

  • The support of the mattress

We spend a third of our lives in bed. It is essential to choose an excellent mattress. The health of your back depends on buying a suitable mattress. For a restorative rest, your mattress must provide firmness and support to your spine and must adapt to your morphology. Firm doesn't mean hard. Today, you can find mattresses with a firm support but with a soft reception, such as viscoelastic mattresses. But be careful, a mattress must be both firm and adapted to your body shape in order to offer optimal support, because if the bed is too hard, the alignment of the spine is not ensured.

  • The size of the mattress

 The size of a mattress is an essential factor when buying a bed. You will find all the available sizes of Naturalex's and Cosmos Bedding mattresses: standard EU sizes 140x190, 160x200 or 80x190, but also 135x190 or king-size like 180x200. The size of the mattress will affect your comfort and the quality of your sleep. In terms of comfort, the more space you have in a bed, the better the quality of sleep is.

  • The quality of the mattress

The quality of sleep depends on the quality of the mattress and especially on its manufacture. A good brand's mattress will always be the guarantee of a good purchase. At Outletsofadirect, we sell Naturalex, Cosmos Bedding, and Whisperbedding brand products, all of which are guaranteed for 10 years and have undergone strict internal or external quality controls via the AIDIMA or AFNOR sites. With 50 years of experience in the manufacture of bedding for major brands, these companies have been operating in Europe since 1950.

When to change your mattress?

Knowing that bedding must last 10 years and that we move about 40 times a night, the mattress will have been used about 150,000 times. After this period, the degradation of comfort and support is noticeable, and the mattress can lose up to 35% of its comfort, and even more for a cheap mattress. Curvatures, the impression of a bowl in the middle of the mattress, hollows, bumps, are the signs that your mattress has lived and that it must be changed. If your mattress is more than ten years old or you have back pain when you wake up, it's time to renew your mattress.

Change your bed base at the same time as your mattress.

Yes, it is strongly discouraged to place a new mattress on a used bed base, as the bed base helps to reduce your body weight. If the bed base is worn out, it will no longer fulfill its role and the life of the new mattress will be reduced. In addition, the new mattress will lose its support and suspension qualities on an old bed base.

Which bed base should I buy for my mattress?

The first rule: do not combine any bed base with any mattress. For example, do not place a foam or latex mattress on a box spring as this may shorten the life of the mattress. 
Here are our tips: For a pocket springs mattress, choose an upholstered box spring (softer support) or slatted box spring (firmer support). For a memory foam or viscoelastic mattress, choose a slatted bed base or upholstered bed base. 

And if you can, choose a mattress base set from the same brand.