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Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress

These shape memory mattresses are a new alternative to spring mattresses because they have the advantage of adapting to the morphology of your body and offering better support. More adaptive than an organic latex mattress, their revolutionary design is worth this price difference.

We spend a third of our life in bed, so wanting to ensure the best quality of sleep seems perfectly normal. ..

Memory foam is also called viscoelastic foam.

It was originally invented for space travel . You should know that you will never find a Visco foam mattress 100% memory foam , this revolutionary technology can be combined with either classic foam, springs or foam and latex.

Memory foam is by definition thermo-sensitive :

This means that she will react according to the body heat. Without a doubt, it is the type of suspension that offers the best support. This viscoelastic mattress technology provides optimum sleeping comfort, as the muscles relax which allows the body to relax more easily with a feeling of weightlessness and well-being.

Forget the notion of a firm , extra firm , comfortable , firm support mattress:

It is the mattress that adapts to your morphology, not the other way around! Buying a viscoelastic memory foam mattress is an extraordinary investment for people who have had back pain for a long time.

Naturalex ® or Cosmos ® memory foam mattresses improve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation. Preferably choose memory foam with a minimum density of 80 kg / m3.

The memory foam mattress is usually recommended by physical therapists as the ideal remedy for back pain. The Naturalex shape memory mattresses have an efficient ventilation system . The advantages of visco foam compared to latex:

Removal of pressure points for better blood circulation:

No ankylosis or tingling.
Excellent morphological support.
Firmness variable depending on body temperature.
Reduced tension in the more sensitive parts of the body: shoulders, hips, tailbone, knees and heels.
Greater independence of movements.

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Memory Foam Mattresses