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Mattresses for Sportspeople

Sports mattresses

We have also thought about athletes looking for suitable bedding for a restful rest.

Back problems are very common among athletes. Athletes often experience back problems related to their sports activity and tend to be concerned about their posture in everyday life and as well as their bedding at night!

Be aware that investing in a good memory foam sports mattress can help relieve muscle tension. Let us not forget that an adapted ergonomic pillow is also important especially for those suffering from cervical problems.

Discover our mattress gel foam refreshing and relaxant that will help you unwind and relax your muscles after exercise.
Our selection of sports mattresses features mattresses with a structure divided into 7 comfort zones for appropriate support.

Mattresses for Sportspeople
The Geltech model by Naturalex ® is a very comfortable mattress with thermo-regulating properties, no more feelings of heat.

Geltech Mattress Fresh...

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The PHISIOTEC mattress will be your anti-stress remedy.

PHISIOTEC anti-stress...

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Enjoy every night, thanks to Zen-Pur , exceptional comfort and unique sleeping quality!

ZEN-PUR Mattress | Memory...

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A layer of the new Visco V200 memory foam on the winter side which improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation for a smoother awakening.

Sporty Memory Foam Mattress...

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